What an Internet speed explains?

Given the amount of searches conducted for the term “speed test”, it seems that the Internet is passionate about speed.
There are many online testing tools that allow you to check your upload and download speed.

internet speed tests

In this tutorial I will try to explain how speed tests work and what speed tests tell you.

In this article you will know about internet speed tests.

  •  What is the good download speed and upload speed?
  •  What is Mbps?
  •   Is 10 Mbps downloading speed is good?
  •   Does Internet speed change throughout the day?
  •   Is it worth changing internet service providers to get a faster internet connection?

Understanding the Internet Speed ​​Test

The Internet Speed ​​Test gives you upload speeds anddownload speeds. Uploading refers to the process of transferring data from your computer to the Internet, and downloading refers to the transfer of data from the Internet to your computer.

The download speed is usually much higher than the upload speed (ADSL). This is usually good because most people download much more than they upload.

Download speed test work by transferring a known file from a test server over the Internet to your computer and measuring how long it will take.
4 MB file takes 8 seconds on 4 Mbit/s link and 2 seconds on 16 Mbs/s link. Upload speed is measured by uploading the file from your PC to the test server and measuring the time taken again.

There are many factors that affect how fast your overall connection speed is:

  • Technology Access – e.g. ADSL, 4G / 3G Mobile, Satellite etc
  • ISP
  • Location of your server or service

They all form a chain (communication link). In comparison, if you drive traffic on a 6 lane road, it becomes a 2 lane road and a 4 lane road. On the Internet, like a normal road, your final speed is limited by a slow link in the chain.

Note: You do not need to install any software on your computer to perform Internet Speed ​​Test. Be very careful when using speed test sites to install software to improve your computer speed. Some are probably genuine, but impossible to say, so I don’t.

Factors on which Internet speed depends upon:

  • Access technology
  • ISP
  • The location of the remote resource
  • Time of day

Internet access technology

As far as internet access speed is concerned, this is a very important factor. All methods have limitations. Fiber broadband’s connection speed is much better than 3G mobile.

Your (Internet Service Provider) ISP

You connect to your ISP (using an access method such as ADSL broadband) and your ISP then connects to the Internet. ISPs advertise the speed of connection to the customer, not the speed between the customer and the Internet.

Home connection in the UK is almost always BT phone line and ADSL, but fiber is popular. If so, the access speed will be limited by these BT lines regardless of the ISP you choose.

This does not mean, however, that all providers offer the same connection quality –

The relationship between the ISP and the Internet is generally higher and faster than fiber, but it is shared by many users.

So when an ISP overloads a link to the Internet, it slows the connection from the subscriber to the Internet.

Location of the service / server on the Internet

The Internet has a vast network of interconnected computers and networking devices.The speed of the destination service / server and the number of routers / servers traveling through the data affects the overall speed.

In addition to the network speed and capability of connecting these computers / routers, they also affect the final connection speed.

So you may have a super fast connection to the Internet, but still take the same time to download a file from the Internet with a very slow Internet connection.
Comparison of download speeds vs Upload speedsWhen you visit a website with a web browser, you are downloading information from the Internet.

Many spend more time surfing the Internet and downloading information, so download speeds are usually more important than upload speeds.

This is a comparison of the speed and popularity that broadband providers typically display.

Source Link- https://simpliarticle.blogspot.com/2020/01/what-internet-speed-explains.html

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