Best Wi Fi Router in 2020

After testing 10 routers for more than 120 hours, we have found that the best wifi router in 2020 that can wirelessly connect to your laptop, your smart devices, and the rest of your daily life is based on TP-Link Archer. A 20. It is faster than what we have tested, both reliable and remote, reducing the stress of managing multiple wireless devices at once.

best budget router

The TP-Link Archer A20 Tri-802.11ac best wifi router for multiple devices has passed our performance tests with maximum performance. If you don’t have a spacious or complicated home that requires a mesh-networking kit, the Archer A20 is the best choice for replacing an old router or you don’t have the range, speed, or reliability. The Archer A20 features quad-core processors and band steering across its three channels (two 5 GHz and a 2.4 GHz), allowing you to connect your growing wireless device collection to your home, while avoiding dropped connections and slowdowns. Can help.

The Scientology RT2600ac is a bit smaller than our choice, and it finished our performance tests with the Asus Blue Cave and Asus RT-AC86U for second place with deadly heat. It has a dual-core processor instead of a quad-core and does not have a third wireless radio, meaning it can reach the range earlier than the Archer A20. You can extend the RT2600ac to the mesh network with the add-on Scientology MR2200ac router; Buying a mesh-router kit is less expensive than buying two different routers to build a mesh network, however, most mesh kits have additional features, such as a dedicated wireless band, that perform better. 
TP Link’s Archer A7 router is relatively inexpensive and is a great choice for small houses or one or two bedroom apartments. TP-Link Archer has improved the A7 since we tested it in 2018 with TP-Link OneMesh support via band steering (here called Smart Connect) and firmware update. The A7 does not have beamforming and MU-MIMO, which are two high-end features that can improve speed, but are not important, but still work well over short distances. In our toughest test it outperformed two of the most expensive competitors, though it was overall defeated by the Archer A20 and other top performers. This is usually less than half the price of the Archer A20, and we think it’s the best budget router you can buy for under $ 100.

Why you should trust us

Prior to joining Wirecutter, Joel Santo Domingo at, LifeWire, Hot Hardware, and PC Magazine, wrote and tested PC, networking and personal tech for over 17 years. Prior to writing to live, Joel was an IT technology and systems administrator for small, medium and large companies.
Metaphorically, Joel has spent at least two decades testing wireless home networking: wireless phone extensions through all versions of wire-fi for the past 20-plus years. Behind his Apple PowerBook. He did this so that he could connect to his desk, his bed, and his bed basically via the Internet (which is rare at the moment).

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If you’re happy with your Wi-Fi, you don’t need a new router – it’s as simple as that. If you have scope, speed or reliability issues, it may be time to upgrade. An older router that does not support 802.11ac (also known as Wi-Fi 5) has a weak CPU or does not have Gigabit Ethernet ports, which will significantly back you up.
This guide includes standalone Wi-Fi routers. Any of our options can easily improve any router you received from your Internet service provider or older than a few years. These routers are a good fit for apartments or small to medium sized homes with three or four people on the network. If you have more people or a bigger house – 2,300 square feet or more than one floor – then you should look at our mesh-networking methods instead. If you plan to add a wireless extender or additional access points to your home, get a mesh system instead.
All you have to do is buy a cheap router or the most expensive router you can find. There is no need for quality with value and a router with a large number on it may not really solve your Wi-Fi problems.

What You Need to Know About Wireless Router in 2020

A typical home network in 2019 does not look like it did a few years ago. Without the explosion of smart-home devices (everything from a smart light bulb to a doorbell play machine expects a good Wi-Fi connection), two or more personal Wi-Fi devices (phones, laptops) in most homes these days. Tablets), as well as smart TVs or streaming media box such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV. On a busy evening in a simple house, one person can download game updates in the bedroom, another listen to music from a smart speaker, a third in a TV viewing room and a fourth in web browsing on the couch – and demand for a router for all the traffic that can deliver fast performance to multiple devices at once. . That development has made us very interested in what many of the routers accept as the best, and are very interested in features like band steering and third wireless band. These facilities cost more, but they are more expensive.

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